Mailing Your Invitaitons

After all that hard work getting them together, it’s time to mail out your invitations!

Here are some tips to avoid any stress and to ensure your invitations arrive as pretty as they left.

You should always request hand cancelling on your invitations.  Some post offices will do a certain number free of charge, and after that charge a small fee.  We recommend going to your post office during a non busy time and trying your luck!

Hand canceling your invites ensure they are not smashed by a machine.

Get correct postage, and order your stamps early!  If you are looking for a certain style of stamp your post office might not carry it.  We suggest ordering your stamps online or checking before hand to ensure they are available.

Stamps are a common last minute over thought that can cause a delay in sending out your invites.  It’s always best to take one to the post office right after you get them, and get the postage figured out before your rushing to send them out.

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